THIL #AutomateMe

The Intelligence Layer

THIL is hosted intelligence: at-call 24/7 ready whenever you need it. Roll your own script in NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, Shell and more. Access it anywhere with a permanent sub-domain and CORS support.

Pay by the millisecond - not by the server. Pre-paid billing with 1,000,000ms sign-up credit to get you started.


/* example jQuery code, works fine with CORS */ var script_key, script_id, code = "#!/usr/bin/node \nconsole.log(\"hi world\");", getScriptIDfromKey = function(script_key) { return ("u"+parseInt( String(CryptoJS.MD5( String(CryptoJS.SHA512(script_key)) )),16).toString(36)); }; // upload your script $.ajax("", { "method": "PUT", "data": code, "success": function(script_key){ // find your sharable script_id script_id = getScriptIDfromKey(script_key); //run the script $.get("http://"+script_id+"", function(r){ console.log(r); //console logs "hi world!" } ); } }); /* learn more at */